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Bel-Ray Race Report- Monster Energy Supercross Round 1

January, 2011

Bel-Ray Race Report- Monster Energy Supercross Round 1

 -In front of a sold out crowd at Angels Stadium in Anaheim California,  Bel-Ray jumped back into professional supercross and motocross racing with both feet scoring two top 10 finishes in the Supercross Class Main Event.

As a proud sponsor of both the Two Two Motorsports team of Chad Reed and the Dodge Motorsports Hart and Huntington backed team of Ivan Tedesco and Chris Blose the Bel-Ray presence was unmatched.

Chad Reed rolled out his new team with the professionalism he is known for and his switch to Honda didn’t slow him down at all. After setting the second fastest time in the first practice he went on to try some different lines in the second session but was still the third fastest in the premier class.

The Hart and Huntington pit area was where the party was at all evening long. Combined with a solid racing effort the team put on a show for the fans that stopped by with team videos playing on the big screen and extreme sports stars stopping by to wish the team luck. Athletes like Ken Block, TJ Lavin and musician Pink all stopped by to throughout the evening.

Hart and Huntington rider Chris Blose qualified 6th out the first heat race while the stacked second heat race had the Two Two Motorsports of Chad Reed in 4th and Hart and Huntington’s Ivan Tedesco in 6th.

The main event began with a bang as Ivan Tedesco grabbed the holeshot. Out front for the first 3 laps Tedesco set the pace for the field to follow. Reed suffered a nearly dead last start and began working his way through the best supercross riders in the world. By lap 4 he was in 10th, then 7th by the mid-way point. On lap 18 he would get around Kevin Windham for 5th and that was where he would finish. After his early lead Tedesco would slide back to an excellent 7th place finish while Blose would end up 16th after a dead last start.

It was an excellent start to the 2011 season for the Bel-Ray backed teams. Check them out this Saturday night January 15th at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona or “Like” Bel-Ray on Facebook for updates all weekend long.

1. Ryan Villopoto (Kaw)

2. Ryan Dungey (Suz)

3. James Stewart (Yam)

4. Trey Canard (Hon)

5. Chad Reed (Hon) Team Bel-Ray

6. Kevin Windham (Hon)

7. Ivan Tedesco (Kaw) Team Bel-Ray

8. Brett Metcalfe (Suz)

9. Josh Grant (Hon)

10. Andrew Short (KTM)

11. Kyle Chisholm (Yam)

12. Nick Wey (Yam)

13. Kyle Regal (Yam)

14. Mike Alessi (KTM)

15. Jason Thomas (Suz)

16. Justin Brayton (Yam)

17. Chris Blose (Kaw) Team Bel-Ray

18. Matt Boni (Kaw)

19. Davi Millsaps (Yam)

20. Tommy Hahn (Yam)