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Bel-Ray Product Upgrade- Bel-Ray Synthetic PAO Lubricant

October, 2012

Bel-Ray Company, Inc., the leading United States based specialty lubricant manufacturing company, is pleased to announce a performance upgrade to their Synthetic PAO Lubricant. A PAO (Polyalphaolefin) oil uses a superior base stock oil for performance advantages not found in conventional mineral based oils. The upgraded formula features enhanced oxidation stability, increasing the service interval rating to 10,000 hours. Other features include improved lubricity for increased component life, extended seal life due to the elimination of seal shrinkage and improved varnish clean-ability for optimal machine efficiency. The addition of purple coloring will assist in leak detection to help prevent fluid loss.


Suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, Synthetic PAO Lubricant is most commonly suggested for use in rotary screw compressors, heavy-duty service reciprocating compressors, anti-friction bearings, hydraulic systems, chain drive systems and power transmission reservoirs.


As part of a complete lubrication analysis system, the use of Bel-Ray’s Synthetic PAO Lubricant can lead to savings in time and money for the end user. The extended service interval, along with superior performance characteristics, can greatly reduce machine downtime due to un-necessary repairs and maintenance.


For applications requiring a NSF H1 grade, synthetic PAO-based, ISO VG 32 to 100 lubricant option, the recommended Bel-Ray product is No-Tox Syntra Food Grade Synthetic Oil. The new upgraded Synthetic PAO Lubricant is now available.