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August, 2010

FARMINGDALE, NJ – August 26,  2010 – Bel-Ray Company, Inc.  – a leading USA-based lubrication manufacturing company unveiled its reformulated line of Powersports products now available for immediate shipment.

By developing products to meet the changing demands of today’s sports machines, Bel-Ray offers a complete line of Powersports products for motorcycles, scooters, quads, and watercraft.  The products have been designed for enhanced performance and durability while providing protection from dirt, corrosion, water, and high temperatures.

The versatile line of Powersports products performs in many types of engines: air-cooled or liquid-cooled 4T engines, 4T single cylinder engines, multi-valve racing engines, power valve 2T engines, and V-Twin engines.  Whatever the application, Bel-Ray has the products that will help maximize anti-wear protection and horsepower, and provide consistent clutch performance, better starts, and a longer clutch life.

Daryl Brosnan, CEO of Bel-Ray, had this to say, “We’ve taken our long-standing tradition of innovation and built upon it with advanced product formulations and new packaging to provide customers with the highest quality products available. We are continuing the tradition, started by my brother Kurt Kiefer in the 1970s, of race-driven product development.  We are staying true to our roots by introducing new technology to meet the changing demands of engine designs and the challenging performance standards of today’s racers.”

The new packaging has been meticulously designed with consumers in mind.  The contemporary ergonomically shaped bottles are equipped with a pullout spout for easier use and better control.  Some products have been renamed to make their purpose more apparent.  Easy-to-read booklet style labels provide product information in numerous languages to help support distribution of the products to more than seventy-six countries around the world.  Bel-Ray’s commitment to environmental sustainability is inherent in the new package design and recycled materials are used where possible. 

Founded in 1946, Bel-Ray, a privately held, woman owned business, is recognized as a leader in the specialty lubricants industry for setting high standards of quality and performance with products formulated for the motorcycle, automotive, aviation, energy, food, marine, military, mining, OEM, Industrial steel, and textile industries. 

Bel-Ray’s superior Powersports line delivers top quality Made-in-the-USA products to motorcycle and recreational vehicle enthusiasts around the world.  From the development of superior application-specific products, to value-driven pricing, and outstanding customer service, Bel-Ray is fully committed to being a provider of “Total Performance Lubricants” today, and well into the future.