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Bel-Ray: A Perfect Choice For New European Public Awareness Campaign

February, 2008

February 2008—The MotorCycle Community in Europe (MCC) has launched a European-wide awareness campaign supported by the European Commission, promoting the use of synthetic oil for motorcycles and scooters. Several of Bel-Ray’s 2-Stroke products are perfectly formulated to support the campaign.

It is generally recognized that the type of lubricating oil has a direct and immediate impact on the emissions of particulate matter. Synthetic oil ensures environmentally-sound performance and protection for new technology Euro2 and Euro3 vehicles. However, a large number of two-stroke “conventional” pre-Euro1 motorcycles and scooters in use could contribute up to a 50% reduction in particulate matter by using synthetic oil. Bel-Ray Si-7 Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil, Bel-Ray SL2 Synthetic Blend 2-Stroke Oil and Bel-Ray 2-Stroke Scooter Oil are all excellent choices in synthetic-based engine oils for such vehicles.

Bel-Ray 2-Stroke Oils all offer a premium low ash, high lubricity synthetic blend that are specifically formulated for modern air-cooled or liquid-cooled 2-stroke engines. Formulated for oil injection, but equally suited for premix, these motor oils provides superior anti-wear and deposit control. Bel-Ray 2-Stroke Scooter Oil offers a unique formula that produces no smoke.

The objective of the new awareness campaign is to inform the owners of these vehicles about the advantages of synthetic oil, which will contribute to a better and cleaner environment. The campaign is also intended to safeguard the mobility of two-stroke engine users in congested city centers, where “conventional” pre-Euro1 vehicles are increasingly faced with issues related to air quality.

The MCC also wishes to increase the awareness of the urban mobility advantages of motorcycles and scooters in comparison with cars. The MCC calls on the authorities to make use of environmental fiscal incentives to stimulate the renewal of the fleet.

The message, reflected by the logo and slogan devised for the campaign, “Be smarter, be cleaner, use synthetic oil!!”, is positive and environmentally friendly. It intends to reach riders, dealers, retailers and the press through the internet in order to maximize the efficiency of the campaign.

This message reflects Bel-Ray’s environmentally friendly initiative “Bel-Ray Blue Goes Green.”

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