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Bel-Ray Expands Distribution in Queensland with HVL Group

June, 2013

Bel-Ray Expands Distribution in Queensland with HVL Group

Long time partner adds products and services to the Bowen Basin

FARMINGDALE, N.J. (May 28, 2013) ― Bel-Ray Company of the United States has entered into an agreement with its current partner, HVL Group in Australia, to expand their distribution of Bel-Ray’s Mining and Industrial lubricants into the Queensland state of Australia.

Bel-Ray has a substantial foot print in Queensland. Bel-Ray Company and the HVL Group have a long history of servicing the mining industry in New South Wales. Since 1998, the HVL Group has delivered Bel-Ray’s innovative, performance centric line of mining lubricants to customers with an emphasis on machine reliability and service as well as long term site productivity. This expansion into Queensland from HVL Group’s Emerald office offers the ideal location to support Bel-Ray’s existing customers within the Bowen Basin.

 HVL Group’s staff

“Bel-Ray has a long standing, proven record of providing the mining industry the absolute highest performing, technologically superior line of specialized lubricants,” said Bel-Ray Company’s Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Liquori. “Bel-Ray’s success is dependent on the quality and reliability of our partners and HVL Group has proven by their work in NSW that they are up to the task. By working together in Queensland, we will offer our customers optimal service to go along with our superior product line.”

“We are excited with the continued partnership with Bel-Ray and the expansion of distribution into Queensland,” said HVL Group Managing Director Julian Bell. “This alignment provides HVL Group with the opportunity to bring our successful lubrication model from NSW into Queensland. It enables our customers to obtain the optimum performance from Bel-Ray’s specialized lubricants resulting in the maximized availability of their mining equipment.”

HVL Group’s hydrocarbon management services include lubrication system design, installation, servicing, lubrication hardware components, off-site repairs and hydrocarbon contamination control products. Their reliability engineering services concentrate on predictive maintenance through lubricant and lubricated components condition monitoring.

“It is essential for business outcomes that the mining sector and associated industries are as efficient as possible in order to be sure every link in the chain operates to schedules,” said HVL Group’s Business Development Manager, Ryan Fitzpatrick. “We recognize that we have a vital role in this chain, and therefore see our role to ensure our own services and products are the best possible and absolutely reliable. In turn that allows our customers to meet their business objectives.”

Bel-Ray products are available immediately. For more information on all Bel-Ray products for the mining and industrial industries, please visit or call (732) 938-2421. HVL Group or call 1300 712 100