Heavy-wear, high-production demands in the mining industry have prompted lubricant manufacturer Bel-Ray to introduce ultra heavy and extra heavy grade Molylube SF 100 semi-synthetic open gear lubricants and medium and heavy grade Molylube mill gear grease.

Designed for use on draglines, shovels and heavy industrial mining applications, the Molylube SF 100 lubricants are suitable for use in a range of environmental conditions, ranging from sub-zero Arctic (minus 50 degrees Celsius) to high-temperature heat, where they effectively help reduce wear and extend component life.

Besides that, they are specially formulated to meet the demands of harsh environments, thanks to a semi-synthetic base and aluminum complex thickener. These essential components provide extreme-pressure and anti-wear capabilities, while mitigating rust formation and protecting against component corrosion.

Bel-Ray has conducted field evaluations that indicate Molylube SF 100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricants can help mining operations reduce equipment cost of ownership by as much as 35 per cent, considering purchase price, lubricant consumption and component life extension.

Molylube Mill Gear Grease is designed for mills, kilns, driers and other Type 2 open gear systems. The new medium and heavy grade products are high-performance and mineral based, fortified with extreme-pressure and anti-wear additives, as well and rust- and corrosion-resistant properties.

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