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Bel-Ray Announces Upgraded V-Twin Line for 2012

December, 2011

Bel-Ray Company, Inc.  –  the industry leader in performance lubricants is pleased to announce the release of a technically upgraded line of V-Twin products for 2012. For more than 60 years Bel-Ray has produced the highest quality performance lubricants for use in powersports, mining and industrial applications.

The complete line features innovative new packaging and enhanced technology, which offers the discriminating user the ultimate in performance and quality for any V-Twin machine. Formulated by Bel-Ray’s team of R&D engineers using only the finest base stock and additives combined to deliver the best results. Bel-Ray’s complete line of V-Twin products is proudly made in the USA.

Bel-Ray offers three engine oils to satisfy the performance minded V-Twin enthusiast including V-Twin Synthetic 10w50 Engine Oil, V-Twin Semi-Synthetic 20w50 Engine Oil and V-Twin Mineral Engine Oil. All three oils are API SM and JASO MA2 approved. All are designed using the finest in base materials infused with Extreme Pressure anti-wear additives to deliver the finest performance in all large displacement V-Twin Engines. Bel-Ray oils have proven to lower engine temperatures while increasing power.

Bel‐Ray Big Twin Transmission Oil is formulated for maximum protection of the heavily loaded transmissions found on V-Twin machines. The wear protection additives extend gear life while quieting gear whine and improves shifting. Big Twin Transmission oil is API GL-5 approved.

Bel-Ray Primary Chain Case Lubricant is designed to protect against wear and provide performance advantages for all primary chains and wet clutches while extending primary chain life and preventing clutch slipping for consistent engagement.

Specifically designed for the primary and transmission of Sportsters, Bel-Ray Sport Transmission Fluid delivers wear protection additives to extend transmission life, while preventing clutch slipping and chatter for consistent engagement.

Bel-Ray’s comprehensive line of V-Twin products is compatible with V-Twin machines from all motorcycle manufacturers.

Look for the distinctive graphite package featuring the famous Bel-Ray logo on dealer shelves this January.