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Bel-Ray Announces Addition of Cassons to Worldwide Distribution

March, 2012

Bel-Ray Company, Inc.  – the leading USA-based lubrication manufacturing company is pleased to announce the addition of Cassons, the premier Australia based powersports distributor, to its list of worldwide distribution partner.

Globally recognized as the leader in powersports lubricants, Bel-Ray has been the choice of championship racers, worldwide, since the early 1970s. To this day, Bel-Ray continues to compete at the highest level or racing, in all forms of powersports competition. Racing champions like Chad Reed, Carlos Checa, and Christophe Pourcel are among the athletes using Bel-Ray products today, following champions of yesterday like Roger DeCoster, Brad Lackey and Freddie Spencer. Through intense professional competition, Bel-Ray has been able to create performance driven products for powersports users of all type, from beginner to seasoned professional.  JASO certified, Bel-Ray’s comprehensive line of products is of the highest technical caliber within the Powersports industry.


Recognized as the leading lubricant brand throughout the world and in Australia for more than 30 years, Bel-Ray’s mining and industrial products are also used throughout the mining and industrial market segments, making Bel-Ray a household name throughout the world.


“Bel-Ray couldn’t be more excited to partner with Cassons, a pre-eminent distributor in Australia,” said Bel-Ray's Chief Operating Officer, Jennifer Liquori. “The Casson family has a long standing reputation of integrity, outstanding dealer support, and offers a premium range of products not available under than one roof anywhere else in the market.  Bel-Ray is in good hands with Cassons.  Bel-Ray’s products are at the top of their game, with the highest level of technical components and industry certifications, unparalleled by any other brand.  Bel-Ray has long been a fixture in Australia and along with Cassons, we remain committed to supplying the best performing products, at a competitive price, and with outstanding dealer support,” she added.


A family owned business for 23 years, Cassons is Australia’s leading distributor of motorcycle clothing, parts, and accessories. With a long standing reputation for impeccable dealer service that is second to none, dealers across the country can trust Cassons to deliver on their “in-stock” commitment.


“Everyone at Cassons is excited about our new relationship with Bel-Ray,” said Cassons' Managing Director, Rob Casson. “We‘ve planned to enter the lubricants sector of our industry for many, many years,  but as always, are only interested in being  partnered  with the world’s best. While several opportunities have come our way in the past, we always declined until the right partner came along. We found that partner in Bel-Ray. We truly believe Bel-Ray and Cassons are the perfect fit, two leading companies in our chosen fields who both believe in offering premium products at a true value for the money. Casssons takes pride in delivering the absolute best customer service to the Australia-wide dealer network with our strong team of knowledgeable representatives, who are dedicated to helping consumers with any questions they might have,” he added.

Bel-Ray produces powersports lubricants for off road, street, marine and snow applications , including a new for 2012 re-engineered product line specifically designed to meet the demands of all V-Twin motorcycles.


All Bel-Ray powersports products are currently available from Cassons dealer network.