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Molylube Open Gear & Rope Lubricant

Molylube Open Gear & Rope Lubricant

Molylube Open Gear & Rope Lubricant is an extremely versatile, heavy-duty multi-service aerosol spray lubricant developed to easily lubricate open gears, chains and wire ropes. Molylube Open Gear & Rope Lubricant is made from Bel-Ray legacy open gear lubricant Molylube SF 100 Medium with proper solvents and propellants. Molylube Open Gear & Rope Lubricant provides excellent Extreme Pressure, anti-wear, water resistance and rust and corrosion protection under the tough conditions associated with mining and heavy industry.

Product # Grade SDS
77091 Regular Downloads
  • Draglines and shovels - open gears, bushings, plain bearings, rollers and rails, dipper sticks and handles, some propel mechanisms
  • Mills and kilns - open gears
  • Open gear and sliding surface priming lubricant
  • General industrial open gears, pins and bushings, chains, wire ropes, cables, drive chains and sliding surfaces 
Features and Benefits: 
  • Multi-service capabilities – A single lubricant that can provide superior protection in a wide range of shovel and dragline applications from open gears to some walk mechanisms.
  • Outstanding anti-wear properties – Eliminates wear on open gear applications, eliminate vibration and demonstrates outstanding EP performance with a weld load of 800 kg.
  • Protection – Highly tenacious lubricant to ensure the lubricant adheres to the gear teeth which creates excellent resistance to throw off and slinging.
  • Minimizes Waste – Lower lubrication costs, minimizes clean-up and disposal costs.
  • Easily applied on hard to reach open gears