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Marine HP Synthetic Blend 2T Engine Oil

Marine HP Synthetic Blend 2T Engine Oil

Outstanding 2-stroke engine oil for marine applications. Using premium petroleum based, ash-less, formulas; this premium oil is suitable for pre-mix, autolube and direct injection systems found on today’s high performance 2 stroke marine engines. It provides superior lubricity and exceptional wear protection thus maximizing engine life and increasing performance. The ash-less formula minimizes smoke, spark plug fouling and deposit formation leading to better idle quality and high temperature performance.  Marine HP Synthetic Blend 2T Oil exceeds the requirements of NMMA TC-W3 and is suitable for use whenever API TC, JASO FD and ISO E-L-EGD requirement are mandated and can be used in all brands of two cycle marine engines.

Product # Grade SDS
  Exceptional performance in Evinrude® E-tech, Mercury® Opti-Max/DFI, and Yamaha® HPDI outboards  as well as all 2-Stroke motors specifying the use of NMMA TC-W3 rated oil.
  Suitable for all direct injection, autolube, and pre-mix applications
  Air-Cooled or Liquid Cooled 2-Cycle engines

Features and Benefits:

  Superior Lubricity and Anti-Wear Properties
  Exceptional Corrosion Protection
  Eliminates and controls carbon deposits

Superior performance at high temperatures and idle speeds
  Exceeds NMMA TC-W3, API TC, JASO FD, ISO-E-LEGD specifications
  Clean-burning, petroleum-based formula for direct injection, autolube, and pre-mix applications
  Unparalleled technology out performs pure synthetic formulas