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Marine Extreme Pressure Waterproof Grease

Marine Extreme Pressure Waterproof Grease

A heavy duty, premium mineral oil based grease fortified with Extreme Pressure additives. The addition of aluminum complex thickeners allows it to be virtually waterproof and ideal for items subject to direct contact with water. Unaffected by either salt or fresh water, it provides unsurpassed rust and corrosion protection on any treated surface exposed to harsh marine environments.

Product # Grade SDS
  Driveshaft and Propshaft Splines
  Engine Couplers
  Universal Joints & Gimbal Bearings
  Steering Tubes
  Tilt and Swivel Brackets
  Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings and Bearing Buddies
  Fifth wheels
  General Grease Lubrication

Features and Benefits:

  Mechanical stability maintains consistency under high shear conditions.
  Anti-wear traits to maximize component life.
  Water Resistant, remains protective under extreme marine environments.
  Tacky, remains in place under impact and extreme pressure conditions.