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Lubrication Innovation

Bel-Ray, the leading specialty lubricants company to the Mining, Industrial and Powersports industries, has launched its new package, label and enhanced product lines for 2012. The new package is unique to the lubricants industry and contains innovative labeling technology, which allows Bel-Ray products to be easily identified, internationally compliant and multilingual for use around the globe.

Bel-Ray’s own Chief Operating Officer, Jennifer Liquori, explained how the 2012 launch includes innovation at multiple levels. “The markets we serve have become more discerning and sophisticated, demanding not only highly engineered product technology, but also a package that’s more user-friendly. We are using the latest technology to create our new label design and we are thrilled to be ‘first,‘ once again. Last year, we launched our new motorcycle line with a pull-out spout and multilingual packaging, also a first. Now, our mining and industrial products have received a similar upgrade with labels that clearly identify the product, its application and grade; all color-coded for ease of selection and use.”

Making the launch even more powerful are upgrades to Bel-Ray’s biodegradable technology and the industry-leading SF100 line of mining lubricants. Brand new motorcycle products for the V-Twin market and an all-new Marine line also make their debut in 2012. “For more than 40 years, Bel-Ray has been making marine products for the US Navy, and the largest marine equipment manufacturers in the world. We took our high performance marine related

formulas and gave them a technical upgrade. We launched high-end, high performance racing fluids, using revolutionary technology, offering consumers the same Bel-Ray standard we’ve delivered for decades to the motorcycle arena, which has delivered champion after champion,” added Liquori.

Located in Farmingdale, New Jersey, all products are made in the USA by the finest team of professionals in the business. For more than 65 years, Bel-Ray has stood at the forefront of lubrication technology. New products and new packaging; Same commitment to innovation; Bel-Ray Total Performance Lubricants; It just keeps getting better.




World-renowned products require globally compliant labeling systems. Bel-Ray’s new Mining and Industrial labels feature the implementation of GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals) regulatory standards, as well as multilingual regulatory information. In addition to English, the labels include information in Spanish, French, Italian and German. Aerosol products feature regulatory information in 25 languages for global distribution.


Bel-Ray has broken into the forefront of automation by introducing a Data Matrix Barcode to be included on their new Mining & Industrial labels. This technology allows the barcode to be scanned from up to 10 feet away and features the product number (SKU) and product lot number. Information is now just a scan away.


Maximizing compliance standards, Bel-Ray has included the NFPA

symbol on the labels of their applicable Mining and Industrial package types (drums, kegs, pails and bins). The colored diamonds indicate different hazard levels. Blue indicates the level of health hazard, red indicates flammability and yellow indicates (chemical) reactivity. The white diamond does not apply to these products, but is typically used for unique hazards. Each diamond is rated on a scale from 0 (no hazard; normal substance) to 4 (severe risk).


Innovations continue with Bel-Ray’s new, one of a kind, Viscosity Guide. This visual facilitates the use and selection of the appropriate ISO (International Standards Organization) viscosity grade.


Bel-Ray has made product identification simple with color codes and iconography. Mining and Industrial products have been segmented to align with the following categories and colors: