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How To Apply Bel-Ray Chain Lube

 For best results apply to warm chain.

  1. Shake the can vigorously for 60 seconds after you hear the mixing ball rattling inside the can
  2. Using the spray tube, direct a stream of lube directly onto the inside portion of the chain that meets the sprockets. Pay special attention to points where the inner and outer links meet on both sides of the chain. To protect against rust, coat the outside of the chain links as well.
  3. For Bel-Ray Chain Lube, rotate the wheel to assist penetration. For Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube, allow 10-15 minutes drying time before riding to maximum performance. 
  4. Go out and ride with confidence.


Sir Tech Says,  “We can’t stress enough to follow the proper directions for application with Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube.  Bel-Ray Super Clean should be applied to a clean chain and always be sure to use the plastic hose every time you spray your chain.  The spray pressure and pattern with the hose is designed to hit a chain with minimal overspray and wasted product.  Spin the rear wheel and spray the chain near the bottom chain roller or where it spans from the front sprocket to rear sprocket.  Be sure to traverse the chain so you get the side plates, ‘O’ Rings, and rollers.  After giving the inside of the chain a good coating, spray the top of the chain as it is passing over the chain buffer.  Lubing your chain back by the rear wheel is not a good practice because, besides the rim, your brake rotor could get some overspray.  Be sure to lube your chain frequently as well- a properly lubed chain does wonders for maximizing rear wheel horsepower!”