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Biodegradable Open Gear Lubricant

Biodegradable Open Gear Lubricant

High performance biodegradable, semi-fluid, multiservice open gear lubricant for walking draglines and electric rope shovels. Based on proprietary renewable base fluids and polymers, Extreme Pressure, anti-wear, and other task specific additives are included to create this revolutionary product that performs at levels higher than many non-biodegradable products. Unscheduled downtime and lost production is reduced due to the increase component life that occurs when using this cutting edge product. Readily biodegradable, including >78% renewable bio-based components, Biodegradable Open Gear Lubricant is >60% biodegradable in 28 days according to ASTM D5864 (similar to OECD 301B).

Product # Grade SDS
56880 See Product Data Sheet Downloads
    Draglines   Open Gears Plain Bearings Rollers and Rails Propel Mechanisms   Shovels   Open Gears Plain Bearings Dipper Sticks and Handles Rollers and Rails Lower Works   Industrial open gears, pins and bushings and sliding surfaces.    
Features and Benefits: 
        • Readily Biodegradable.  >60% biodegradable in 28 days with negligible environmental residue.   • Multiservice functionality. This single lubricant can provide superior protection in a wide range of applications.   • Reduced consumption leads to lower lubrication and related costs, including disposal and housekeeping expenses.   • Extreme pressure properties to increase performance.   • Increased Anti-Wear capabilities to minimize parts replacement costs, unscheduled downtime and lost production time.