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Bel-Ray Food Grade Lubricants

  Bel-Ray has been a leader in the specialty lubricants industry for over 60 years and remains in the forefront, relentlessly reinventing and reformulating their products by harnessing the finest materials and technology available. Bel-Ray understands your need for superior lubrication technology derived from the best raw materials available and produces their tenacious food grade lubricants at their state-of-the art facility in New Jersey. Bel-Ray’s industry-leading food grade line reduces contamination, allowing your plant to run smoothly. Bel-Ray’s engineering standards ensure the machinery in your plant always runs efficiently, reducing downtime, which saves money. Moreover, these unrivaled, long-lasting formulas provide extended lubrication intervals, further improving efficiency.

Because the safety of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries is so pivotal, No-Tox® Food Grade lubricants are specifically engineered with non-toxic additives that meet the requirements of NSF H1. Additionally, No-Tox® Food Grade lubricants are Kosher, Pareve and Halal registered. Bel-Ray employs only the most exceptional raw materials, such as United States Pharmocopeia (USP) white mineral oils, to accompany premium additive packages for the ultimate anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-oxidation advantages, while maintaining food safety. Bel-Ray’s comprehensive food grade line provides solutions for all lubrication needs, including applications in bearings, chains, compressors, vacuums, gears, hydraulics, wire ropes, specialty applications, motors and transmissions.
  As a company committed to innovation, Bel-Ray has reengineered their Industrial and Mining lines of products to include upgraded formulas and a progressive package. Labels feature color-coding and iconography, critical for easy identification. Further innovations include the first-ever Viscosity Guide for simple and appropriate ISO viscosity grade selection as well as Global Harmonizing Standard (GHS) regulatory information for global distribution. A data matrix barcode and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) symbol complete the ultimate user-friendly package.

Bel-Ray endeavors to streamline your lubrication needs with No-Tox® HD Food Grade Oil. This multipurpose white mineral based lubricating oil is designed for a variety of applications, including hydraulic pumps, compressors, chains, bearings and enclosed gears. No-Tox® HD Food Grade Oil undergoes a vigorous, 2-micron filtration system to surpass the most stringent standards in cleanliness, as required by the discerning food and beverage industry. This series of lubricating oils is available in twelve grades from ISO VG 15 to 1000 for a wide range of application temperatures.

One of Bel-Ray’s most versatile products is No-Tox® HD Food Grade Grease. This premium general-purpose grease is designed for heavy-duty applications that require advanced lubricating performance derived from a unique blend of non-toxic Extreme Pressure additives and food grade lubricating solids. This white mineral base is formulated with a distinct polymer for tackiness to reduce product loss during operation for a variety of bearing applications in the clean industries. No-Tox® HD Food Grade Grease is available in four grades and provides all the benefits associated with an aluminum-complex grease, including unrivaled thermal stability and water washout resistance.

In the food and beverage industry, there is no room for error. Bel-Ray’s No-Tox® Food Grade Line of lubricants provides you the peace of mind in knowing that your equipment will run smoothly and more efficiently without the threat of contamination. For freezers to ovens and everything in between, choose Bel-Ray and FLEX YOUR OPERATION