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Bel-Ray Announces Formula Upgrade to Their No-Tox® Food Grade Sugar Soluble Emulsion

Bel-Ray has a reputation for not only being best in class, but also first to market with innovative product technology. The evolution of industrial processes and equipment mandate next generation lubrication technology.

Bel-Ray’s top tier industrial lubricants are stronger and more fortified than ever. No-Tox® Food Grade Sugar Soluble Emulsion is a milky-white, aqueous-based fluid formulated for dissolving and removing sugar and sugar dust from food and candy machinery. An excellent solvent for melting sugar from surfaces previously coated in sugar and for clean surfaces to prevent sugar from sticking to the surface, this product is now enhanced with a world caliber, water-soluble synthetic oil. This formula upgrade provides exceptional lubricity and maintains superior sugar solubility that magnifies overall product performance.

To prevent premature wear of the equipment, and to provide customers with the latest lubricant technology, Bel-Ray upgraded their already successful No-Tox® Food Grade Sugar Soluble Emulsion to include:

• Food Safety:
No-Tox® Food Grade Sugar Soluble Emulsion contains a unique blend of non-toxic ingredients that meet the requirements of NSF H1 registration, for use where incidental food contact may occur. This product is Kosher and Pareve approved, as well as Halal certified.
• Rust Protection:
No-Tox® Food Grade Sugar Soluble Emulsion is now infused with a water-soluble synthetic oil that provides ultimate lubricity, creating a non-stick coating. This formula upgrade prevents rust and corrosion, which extends equipment life.
• Penetrating Properties:
No-Tox® Food Grade Sugar Soluble Emulsion contains an aqueous-based fluid that deeply penetrates contaminated surfaces, resulting in the rapid removal of sugar material.


No-Tox® Food Grade Sugar Soluble Emulsion can be used in conveyor belts, bearings, slide ways and more in the clean or confectionery industries, where surfaces are contaminated sugar, sugar dust, or fruit juices. This product is also suitable for use in spray bottles for easy application.

As in all areas of lubrication, Bel-Ray industrial lubricant technology, Research and Development, service and expertise set the industry standard. Machine operators can be confident that they are using Bel-Ray’s superior products and services at a cost effective price. As our partner in quality and success, we care about your equipment and bottom line as much as you do. Bel-Ray is committed to you and the relentless pursuit of the ultimate lubrication technology.